Fees for Services


Function Rate
Executive Director $140.00
Senior Management $130.00
Investment Coordination $125.00
Care Management $115.00
Function Rate
Financial Management $115.00
Property Management $115.00
Financial Support Services $95.00
Property Management Assistance $95.00
Function Rate
Income Tax Coordination $95.00
Accounting Services $95.00
Clerical and Bookkeeping Services $65.00
Tax Preparation Services Flat Rate, see Schedule


Partners in Care’s philosophy is to complete necessary work by assigning tasks to staff members with lower hourly rates that have the necessary skills to complete the assignment. Services may require coordination of several staff members. In these instances, billing is entered based on the expertise of each member, individually. Billing statements are prepared monthly.

Clerical and Bookkeeping: This is a fixed monthly charge based on estimated time incurred and includes: filing; processing client mail; routing telephone calls and faxes; processing deposits and distribution requests; ensuring transactions comply with PIC policies and applicable regulations; and other general administrative tasks on behalf of the client. It ranges from zero for very low-activity accounts to 2.50 hours per month for high-activity accounts.

For trust estates in excess of $1,000,000, Partners In Care may charge fees as a percentage of assets under management rather than hourly. In these types of cases, fee percentage may be negotiated, and Court approval may be sought to approve the fee structure, if required.
For internally managed investment accounts, Partners In Care charges up to 0.40% of assets under management annually, billed in quarterly installments. This fee is in addition to the fees for administrative activities listed above.

Tax Preparation Services: Partners In Care charges a combination of flat and hourly rates which vary based on the type of tax return it is required to requested to prepare. A schedule of tax preparation rates in available upon request.

Partners In Care is licensed, bonded and insured.

1 Fees listed are effective 2/1/2022. As costs increase over time, our fees are subject to change.